November 2018 Workshop

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Microrusty Embedded Workshop November 2018

The design goals for this project is to make an inexpensive minimalist target board using an ATmega328P.  
Explain the processes used for programming the Micro-controller using the 6-pin ISP header using SPI interface. 
Explain how to use AVRdude to flash your program to the Micro-controller and also change the fuse settings (Clock speeds) 1MHz, 8MHz 16MHz.
How to use the AVR Inline assembly language in the Arduino IDE. How to use AVRdude int the terminal mode.    
How to use the Arduino IDE to compile code and flash using the USB programmer through the ISP. 
How to export the hex file and use it to program directly into Flash. How to read and write to EEPROM.

Explore the ATmega328p Target Bd Microrusty

How to use an USB Programmer with AVRdude to flash an ATmega328p Target Bd.

Discuss capabilities of the ATmega328P Target Board
Provides the capability of a breakout board with external pins to tap into the pins of the ATmega328P.
Provide Arduino labels for every pin on the ATmega328P. 
Fit in some extra flexibility by including a RS232 Serial interface, Reset button, AREF jumper and external power jumper.



Review the available AVR programmers and their features.