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MicroRusty Embedded Workshop Wiki.

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How to use AVRdude to flash your program to the Micro-controller.
How to change the fuse settings (Clock speeds) 1MHz, 8MHz 16MHz.
How to use the AVR Inline assembly language in the Arduino IDE. How to use AVRdude int the terminal mode.    
How to use the Arduino IDE to compile code and flash using the USB programmer through the ISP. 
How to export the hex file and use it to program directly into Flash. How to read and write to EEPROM.

ATmega328p Target Bd Microrusty

The design goals for this project is to make an inexpensive minimalist target board using an ATmega328P.  
Explain the processes used for programming the Micro-controller using the 6-pin ISP header using SPI interface. 

Raspberry Pi

Pi Linux Commands, Pi Minecraft Server, Raspberry Pico Board, PicoMite(MMBasic)

STM32 Workshops

ST-Link-V2, STM32F103C8 Blue Pill, ST Nucleo-F103RB Workshop

KiCad 5.0

Design an RTC using the PCF85263AT/AJ

PCF85263AT RTC by Microrusty

How to use the PCF85263AT/AJ RTC 

Power Fail Logger by Microrusty

Design a Power fail Logger using a RTC and SD Card  

65C02 Vintage Computer Build

The goal of this project is to make a simple Eight bit 65C02 microprocessor computer.

CW Practice Oscillator Kit

PCB board using an oscillator circuit for Practicing Morse Code (CW) 

Future Classes

Projects for Future classes.