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The goal of this project was to make a simple Eight bit 65C02 microprocessor computer.
I decided to use the W65C02S System-on-Chip (SoC) designs which is a cost sensitive 8-bit microprocessor instead of the Rockwell 6502 chip.
The W65C02 can use any clock speed from .5MHz to 14MHz. This project uses a 1MHz clock.
PHI2 clock can be stopped when it is in the high (logic 1) or low (logic 0) state.

Main boards.
Microprocessor Board
 -W65C02 (SoC) 
 -1MHz Clock 
 -74HC00 Nand Gate Control logic
 -Reset Button
 -AVR Mega 2560 Logic Analyzer Interface (Future Project)  
Memory Board 
 -SRAM Alliance AS6C62256A-70pcn 
 -EEPROM Atmel 28C256 
W65C22 VIA Interface Board
 -2 Port Interfaces: LCD Display - 8 bit LED Board
 -5 button keyboard  

Programming the Microprocessor

Notepad++ to write the assembly language code.
Compile the program using vasm6502_oldstyle. 
Storing the Program to the EEPROM using the MiniPro Programmer.

Programming the EEPROM

How to use the MiniPro Programmer to to program the Memory Board EEPROM. 

Microprocessor Board

Memory Board

Via Interface board

Features of the W65C02S

 8−bit data bus
 16−bit Address Bus 65Kbyte Memory and IO Space
 69 Variable Length Instructions
 16 Addressing Modes
 1.8−5V Operating Voltage
 Fully Static for Power and Radiation Management
 Verilog RTL Core Available for FPGA Development

Reference Links to the W65C02 microprocessor:


Microprocessor Board Dimensions 100mm X 100mm


Memory Board


W65C22 Interface Board


W65C02 Memory Map

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