Getting Started with Schematic Layout Editor

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Set Up Sheet for Construction

1.  Open Schematic Layout Editor
2.  Select Imperial Icon on left side for Inches
3.  Select Page Setting from Upper Toolbar
4.  Select Size: A 8.5x11in 
5.  Orientation: Landscape
6.  Enter Revision: 1A
7.  Enter Title Real Time Clock PCF85263AT/AJ
8.  Click on OK when done

Adding Components & Assigning Footprints

1.  Select from Right Toolbar Place Symbol 
2.  Click Mouse on Grid (Symbols Libraries will load)
3.  Type in Search Field conn
4.  Select Conn_01x06_Male then click OK
5.  Place in Sector B1 Hit ESC Key.
6.  Select Annotate Icon from Upper Toolbar. Click on Annotate tab.
7.  Select Assign PCB Footprint to Schematic Symbol Icon from Upper Toolbar.
8.  After Footprints load select J1 Conn_01x06_Male  then select from Left Column Connector_PinHeader_2.54mm
9.  Select Line item 20 Connector_PinHeader_2.54mm:PinHeader_1x06_P2.54mm_Vertical as seen in Figure 2
Repeat these steps for adding all component symbol. 
  Figure 2

Generate Netlist

Select Generate Netlist from the Upper Toolbar. click on Generate Netlist - Save File
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==Getting Started with PCB layout Editor ==

KiCad 5.0