STM32CubeMX Setup

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Open STM32CubeMX
Select Chip STM32F103C8Tx and OK at the bottom of page,
Under Pinout Tab we will Set up I2C, RCC, RTC, USART1
I2c - Select I2C
RCC - High Speed Clock Crystal/Ceramic Resonator
RCC - Low Speed Clock Crystal/Ceramic Resonator
RTC - Activate Clock Source - RTC OUT - No RTC Output
USART1 - Mode = Asynchronous


Set up GPIO Pins
The Generic STM32F103 Pin-out Diagram:
Click on Pin labeled PC13 and select from drop down GPIO output.
Right click and select Enter User label and enter REDLED

Atolic TrueSTUDIO

Setup Arduino STM32 using USB
Youtube Video to follow: 
Download Links for each step. Step 1: Download and Setup Arduino IDE: Step 2: Download and Setup STM32 Drivers: Step 3: Download and Setup USB-to-Serial- options a or b. a: USB-to-Serial (PL2303 series) Drivers: b: USB-to-Serial (CH340 series) Drivers: c: USB-to-Serial Step 5: Download & Setup USB Boot-Loader: Step 6: Download Flasher-STM32:

STM32F103C8 Class

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